VILLA E-1027
Designed by Eileen Gray & Jean Badovici ROQUEBRUNE-CAP-MARTIN

VILLA E-1027 

E / Eileen
10 / Jean - 10th letter of the alphabet
2 / Badovici - 2nd  letter of the alphabet
7 / Gray - 7th letter of the alphabet

Irish designer and architect Eileen Gray’s villa was built between 1926 and 1929, and was one of the first modern properties on the Cap Moderne facing  the Bay of Monaco.

The villa ressembles a ship and the large windows provide an unobscured view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Every piece of furniture and details from the mirrors to the switch lights were designed by Eileen Gray.  

L’arrivée de LE CORBUSIER

After Gray seperated from Jean Badovici, he invited Le Corbusier to vacation on the property where he abruptly began to modify the villa.

Gray vehemently opposed his colourful markings, partly due to his misogynistic attitude towards her. 

Le Corbusier built a cabanon above the villa and designed the colourful Unités de Camping for the Rebuto family located on the other side to repay his land. 

His cabanon is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.